Sumalee Sangsurasak, DDS, Pediatric Dentistry is a dental office serving infants, children and young adults.  Dr. Sumalee’s warm, compassionate pediatric dentists and staff are grateful to be entrusted with your child’s dental care.  We focus on preventative care to help each child grow a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. We are committed to making each patient’s visit to our dental office comfortable and enjoyable.  Dr. Sumalee has been a pediatric dentist for over 20 years, and the families trust in her superb care and easy treatment of young patients.

Why Fix Baby Teeth?


Parents ask: “They are JUST baby teeth. Why do we need to treat them?”


The first reason is that the primary molars don’t usually fall out on their own until at least age 10 to 12. Because we often see decay in these teeth before the age of 6, we know that even a small cavity can progress and become a problem before the tooth falls out.


Another reason is because one of the functions of the primary teeth is to hold the space for the permanent teeth. When a primary tooth is extracted, there is always going to be some amount of space loss due to drifting of the other teeth. This occurs even when we take special precautions to preserve space with a space maintainer. Restoring and preserving a baby tooth is the best way to prevent unnecessary crowding in the future. 


Proper chewing helps to deliver nutrients to their body so a child can grow into a healthy adult.


The last and most important reason to fix baby teeth is to prevent pain and infection.


Dr. Sumalee and her dental team treat each child as an individual, always taking into account the expected age that a child will lose a particular tooth, and will then treat accordingly.

Our Philosophy


Building a foundation of trust by treating our young patients as special individuals is vital to our success. We understand how uneasy some children can feel about their dental visits, and our entire team strives to provide a relaxing and positive experience.  


Dr. Sumalee’s doctors and staff are trained to create a friendly, fun, social atmosphere for the children, and always avoid threatening words like "drill," "needle," and "injection."  Dental phobias that start in childhood often continue into adulthood, so it is of paramount importance that children have positive experiences and find their "dental home" as early as possible.


Your children making their dental visits to our office fulfill many important functions pertaining to their overall oral health and hygiene.  We emphasize proper maintenance and care of baby teeth, which are instrumental in facilitating good chewing habits, proper speech production, and also hold space for permanent teeth.

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